A new perspective after 30 years of research.

Dr. Dale Bredesen and his team have developed the ReCODE protocol to prevent and reverse early-stage Alzheimer's Disease. It's a completely new perspective on the cause and drivers of Alzheimer's. Their 30+ years of research has culminated in the first treatment ever to reverse Alzheimer's Disease. 

It’s now possible to predict, prevent and reverse early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease. The Bredesen protocol is a multi-faceted, personalized approach, to address your specific risk profile. Each of the distinct sub-types of Alzheimer's has a different treatment focus, making the approach specific to you and your risk factors and/or symptoms.

Around age 40, our brains start to decline. Knowing your risk factors and addressing them early can prevent an Alzheimer's diagnosis. If you already have symptoms or a diagnosis, it's not too late. Many people have returned to work and other normal life activities after the Bredesen protocol. The protocol is a lifestyle approach and doesn't interfere with medication you may currently be on. People on the protocol have been able to reduce or eliminate medications as they get healthier.

The Cognoscopy

Dr. Bredesen recommends a cognoscopy at age 45 to determine your risk and begin taking action to prevent cognitive decline. The cognoscopy is described in his book, The End of Alzheimer’s, and consists of genetic and blood testing. If you would like more information, we are happy to discuss the program in depth and specifically to your individual needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Our Work on a ReCODE Clinical Trial

We're excited to announce that we are currently working on a ReCODE clinical trial. Lynn is one of three health coaches working with study participants throughout the duration of the study.

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We're thrilled to be offering the Bredesen protocol to help you or your loved one prevent or reverse early stage Alzheimer's Disease. The results to date have been remarkable, providing new hope for all of us


The End of Alzheimer's Book Review

"Dr. Dale Bredesen is a world class neuroscientist/neurologist who through his innovative and exacting research has discovered a safe and effective approach to the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease that will revolutionize the way we think about the disease."

— Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB; President, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

"The End of Alzheimer’s is a monumental work. Dr. Bredesen completely recontextualizes this devastating condition away from a mysterious and unsolvable process to one that is both preventable and, yes, reversible. Pinning our hopes on pharmaceutical research to develop a miraculous wonder drug has left both physicians and patients empty handed. But now, this comprehensive approach offers solid results, bringing hope to so many."

— David Perlmutter, MD, Board-certified neurologist and author, #1 New York Times bestseller, Grain Brain, and Brain Maker

"Having spent several years implementing many of Dr. Bredesen's insights in my patients, I can assure you that following his advice can save yourself, your loved ones, and your friends from suffering from this preventable and reversible curse."

— Steven Gundry, MD, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Plant Paradox


Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented, and in many cases its associated cognitive decline can be reversed.
— Dr. Dale Bredesen, "The End of Alzheimer's" 2017