Options. Support.


What to do when you hear those three words.

A cancer diagnosis is one of the most frightening diagnoses we can hear. Your whole world changes in that moment. After you’ve had time to process the news, you listen to your doctor but wonder what you can do on your own, because taking care of yourself has never been a higher priority. We work with cancer patients to implement the changes your doctor recommends, and the changes you want to make.

Making significant lifestyle changes can be difficult on your own. For some, just the diagnosis is enough to bring about the necessary changes. For others it's not. We partner with cancer patients and those recovering and recovered, in different ways, depending on their their needs and their health status. These are some of the ways we've helped our cancer clients:

  • Coaching. Help the client develop sustainable new habits.

  • Research. Learn more about your diagnosis, treatment, and options.

  • Liason. Facilitate communications, provide support, discuss options, goals, and necessary lifestyle adjustments.

  • Resources. Education for hope, support, healing and change.

If you'd like some help in your effort to make important, necessary change to facilitate healing, contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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One of the most profound challenges will be to determine how to change one’s lifestyle during treatment as well as for one’s life.
— Kampman, et al. (2012), Current Nutrition Reports